Rise of the Runelords

Deamon Steak with a side of Herotatoes

I might fight myself too much. Havin a hard time keeping the eye on the prize at the times. It is pretty clear that we are monkeys pulling levers though. I’m not sure how to take our most recent escapade, and what it all means for our plucky hero’s.

Mathesnicore is dead, but at this point i’m not really sure that this is a good thing. He wasn’t trapped there, or rather he was, but he was trapped to guard something, something that we decided to release because we didn’t want to leave any potential shinnies behind. I think we would be wise to leave that info out. Mayors are practical people anyways. They could care less about Ancient history. Is their town safe? Are these people gonna vote for me? Will they pay their taxes? She is probably not interested in the finer points of ten thousand year old lore, or the nuance of demonic binding rituals. We don’t need to lie, but we need to cut to the chase. We report to the powers that be the results of our trouble-making. We saved the town from goblins? What does it matter that we forever released some lich, ghost, knight thing that was probably imprisoned there for 10,000 years or more.

What if, what if Mathesnicore was a dog on a leash, acting as a key or a gate keeper on something even more dangerous, perhaps not to us, but at the very least dangerous to who ever sealed him there. He was hidden behind the coin door …. well the coin door might trick goblins, but i’m pretty sure Nualla knew what was behind there. She didn’t open it. She was … waiting for something. She needed a sacrifice, which is why she needed the goblins. Well she didn’t need them, but they already worshiped what she was looking for, so they made convenient fodder. So was the sacrifice to Mathesnicore, or was the sacrifice what she needed to get Mathesnicore to stand aside?

I’ve developed a sudden interest in history. I feel like maybe the door hasn’t been closed on this.

Back to more mundane matters, First, we got some crap to sell. Like Giant golden crab helmets. We basically slaughtered one of natures creatures because it was wearing alot of Shiney, and i’m ok with that, but we should probably keep that little detail to ourselves. The crab people might get upset. I might use some of that gold and commission a painting of us bringing that back on Rhombus’s back. That would be a laugh. Hell we should make a little house out of it and Tolken can ride around wearing his Goblin Crown.

Then we hafta find a fence for all this stuff. The gold is starting to get heavy, and I should really look into getting connected to some kind of black market. Might be able to get better rates on the goods too. Personally, I think that Sand-point is getting a bit small for us, and unless something with money attached to it falls in my lap, I will be lobbying heavily for the crew to move on down to Magnammar. Now that we got some seed capital, we might be able to start really pulling in the cash. In fact, there seems to be a hole in the glass-works market recently. It wouldn’t take much to hire some of the surviving workers, steal the stuff from the works, use the gold and my good will in town to secure some land on the town’s outskirts, and then jack up the rates on the product cuz no one is making it.

Also there is the Tsudo question. I don’t want him sneaking off to Magnamar and then stabbing us in the back later. I did speak to the Mayor and informed her that he needs to be tried here. She is under no obligation to listen to me. I also broke my word to him that we would help him get there, because I will argue against it, publicly. The Barbarians won’t like that, but i’m from the school of thought where talk is cheap, only actions matter. Beardless Fucks like Tsudo don’t get to use the words of Honorable men against them. That is a privilege reserved for those who have Honor. He gets a boulder tied to his legs and a swift kick in the ass into 50 feet of water. As far as I am concerned an oath to a liar is no oath at all. I wish I had my connections up here. It would be child’s play to poisen his food. Maybe the wife of that poor dead sop would like a chance for revenge, bake up some cookies with a quarter pound of ground glass in them. I might not have the time to handle this the way I want, but if we don’t kill him, then we need to demonstrate, in the most brutal fashion possible, that we are not the kind of people to be fucking with.

Last point, Before I leave, I need to grab a Souvenir in case we ever meet Foxglove again. I think the key to this pointed Star would look nice as a mantle piece. I’ll spend some gold on it too. He’d cream himself. He is a bit of dizzy fool, but it would cost me almost nothing, and win me another contact in the big city. I’m sure someday i’ll need a loan, and a bored noble with disposable income would be useful. In fact, there is probably a huge hole in the glass-works market. I wonder how much it would cost to get a small shop started. Don’t know shit about glass, but fuck it, you can pay people for that.

Just you assholes watch. Malkorin will be back in business in no time.



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