Rise of the Runelords

Everybody dies alone

What a great time we had tonight. First we went bar hopping I wasn’t sure why at first, but I never saw WKT look so happier then when that first guy took a swing at him. It didn’t dawn on me till he was halfway through his second table of challengers. He knows Miko doesn’t stand for any roughhousing in her fine establishment. Mal gave him some pointers between gulps & he was able to fight off the ruffians who attacked him first at no point did he or anyone of our companions sabotage the wine rack, loosen all the cabinet handles or set varmints loose in the kitchen of any of the Rusty Dragons competitors. No wait first we dropped of Emyrs at the church Father Xan said he would figure out his last wishes o… HEY WKT taught us a funny song last night!
“I feel the animals is rising.
And it slowly grows cows eyes.
So everybody starts to moo now,
I wanna see you all give hay.
I wanna share this feast all parts tonight;
and have you thank me for my sage.
Tell me what you came for,
Can I give you all a taste?
I wanna see you choose who fuckin dines;
and rip this place appart.
As I step up to my throne,
I feel the monster caged inside of me,
screaming through moo tones”
Those Que-she are realy big animal fans.
We got a big hero’s welcome back at the Rusty Dragon. I don’t realy remember much else I think I may have learned to teleport! Remember I fell off the roof at some point and woke up in bed!
..So the Sherrif just called us to a murder at the saw mill. It was Ban Harper & Kitty Vinder, that’s Ven’s other daughter she was nice, I’m glad she didn’t have to die alone. It’s kinda funny she was named Kat but her sister was the one who liked to hunt rats. I didn’t even know they were dating, anyway she got cut in half by a saw & he was all scrathed up & left stuck to the wall with that seven pointed star carved into his back. I think it was that guy we has nothing to do with Thistle Top. There was this note that didn’t say anything. It was just a blank piece of paper that was trying to frame Mal & you shouldn’t listen to a thing it says! There were also muddy tracks that lead into the river so we couldn’t follow them any further. But there were also people tracks. Hemlock wants us to go check out an abandoned farm outside of town tomorrow some shady guys got killed there a few days ago & they were stuck to the wall too, but one of em got away so we also get to go to the loony bin to meet him.
can hardly sleep!



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