Rise of the Runelords


I don’t have much time to write as things haven’t slowed down since the 7 pointed rune. I found myself in Sandpoint during a festival. They were celebrating the rebuilt church. It was burned down a few years ago, and now I feel I know by whom. Anyways, there were lots of contests, games, music, and merriment abound. I knew their was a reason I was drawn to Sandpoint. I met several people who may be able to help me find my brother, and not feel so alone out here. Two are tribesman, and were traveling together. They seem nice enough, and useful. And then the vertically challenged pair. A dwarf and a halfling. They are very amusing and I look forward to shenanigans in the future. We all were gathered for the speech of the day and a bunch of goblins came out of nowhere. Well I can’t be positive if they did indeed come from nowhere, but it sure seemed that way. *Investigate possibility of goblins coming from nowhere(perhaps halfling Tolkin will know). I killed at least 4 of the ugly mongrels, but they got Blackhands pretty good. Almost lost him. After we were victorious we went to celebrate and rest for the night. This morning we woke and went to speak with the city guard. The sheriff or marshal said they needed our help with a crypt, I don’t remember much of what was said or done after he said crypt. I had a flood of emotions at the thought of going back into a place like that. Excitement but also dread. Next thing I knew Tolkin had opened the door, and skeletons appeared out of nowh…somewhere? Anyways Tolkin conjured a bird from somewhere and killed both of them. In all the excitement from the fight we went in just to discover it was just a stairwell and a room. The coffin of Tovan was empty to boot. Hmm…



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