Rise of the Runelords

Session 4 - The House, To Switch

Hawk Warrior Galstak,

Father, I know you’re ashamed of my actions, but I must find my vision; must become a man in the eyes of my people. I’ll find my vision in this crazy place. I just know I will. I have to, for my just-starting family.

You wouldn’t believe the strange things out here. The laws are so oddly enforced. They actually gave me the opportunity to rough up a guy who took me down a few skirmishes back. Oh, there was so much blood and fun.

We got to the bottom of this goblin attack; found out who the movers-and-shakers are, and have been taking them out ever since. This name Rip-Nugget keeps appearing. I can’t wait to meet this one up close and personal like. There’s also a bugbear we might bump into, apparently he loves to hate elves so we’re going to try and use Emrys as bait. He seemed open to the idea.

To find Rip-Nugget, we had to go to Thistle Top, where the bugger lives. The road of goblin infested territory was long, and eventually we came to a area completely overgrown with thorns. We kicked in a good sized section, and tried to pass. Movement was slow, but we managed to make short work of everything inside. Except…

That damn goblin was making a fool of us! It was just one of the foul smelling beasts, but he did some serious injury to Malkorin. First we saw ‘em, then me and Zerrajin ran in to engage ‘em. Little bastard slows us down with some vines then leaps into the surrounding thorn patch. Next thing we’re hearing fighting behind us as he’s gotten to the rest of the unsuspecting party. When he started on Malkorin, he never backed off. Pummeled him into the ground, then tried to finish the job before we actually got around to stopping’ em.

So forward on we go to Thistle Top. Where we get to start having some real fun. I’ll be sure to send you some trophies from the kills.


PS. If your back is still in agony, Kirulk has some herbs for that. Fixed mine up in no time.

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