Rise of the Runelords

Session 5 - And Suddenly the Hinges Started to Unhitch

My dearest Kirulk,

How goes the homeland? I hope the war efforts aren’t keeping you awake still. You need all the rest you can get, with you bearing child and all.

I find myself in these awful places. Dank, smelly, and evil places. It makes me long for home even more.

We ventured to this place Thistle Top to find the goblin leader, Rip-Nugget. Though, we’re all pretty sure there’s more involved here then one goblin getting some tribes together. We’ve yet to put all the pieces together though.

The pack cut through a few brawls, and met up with Rip-Nugget. He was tough for a goblin, which means we had no issues teaching him how to blend in with the floor. You just have to lay flat…real flat.

Upstairs we bumped into the bugbear we’ve heard about before. We took him down, but what happened next you shouldn’t know about.

Now, the next thing seems a little strange. I just want to start by saying, I WASN’T scared! We fought these two dogs that looked a bit sickly. I kept the things attention, but I felt like if I hit it then it would of attacked someone else. That and the damn torch light was in my eye. The ground was uneven a bit too, so it was hard to keep my balance AND fight.

Moments later we find a lady hiding from us in a closet. I mean who can blame her, this place was obviously out-matched the moment we stepped foot across the front bridge. We were told about her ahead of time by a cowardly mercenary that wanted us to spare him. We did, because damn, who wants to slay someone who’s defenseless?

We made short work of her, but in return she made short work of my Earthbreaker. With just a few words, and a whistle she shattered the whole damn thing. Now I’m running around with a sword that’s Tolkein’s size. It’s magical or something, but still doesn’t do the same. It still kills I’m sure, but Desna be damned if I’m going to look like someone who uses children’s weapons. I’m about to run around this place with my bare hands and tear it to shreds.

I’ll be sure to write again soon,


Session 4 – The House, To Switch

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