Rise of the Runelords

Sin-g A-song

As with the last is it with the ending of lives that our new story does begin
Each victim slaughtered chosen for their sin.
After a cruel death a familiar mark carved into their skin
And to the walls their remains their killer did pin.

First were the men most known for their greed.
The only survivor watched his friends bleed
Driven mad by a bite & the horrible deed.
It was not till the second that the sheriff took heed.

Love was there secret to only one friend they did trust
but to their slayers eyes it was nothing but lust.
Banny fought back with an axe dulled by rust
To no avail the young couple was left to rot in the sawdust.

An offer to Malkorin was left at each scene.
A message within a message to join the pack if he was so keen.
But the identity of the killer they were unable to glean
With each new clue the assailant did mock Preen.

The asylum was there next destination of choice.
The creature within riddled further in it strangled voice.
After transforming into a aghast the once man was poised
Who Kills Twice ended his unlife there was not much choice.

With all there ends deadened they returned to the Dragon to take rest.
The Halfling as always kept Amiko Abreast.
Mal’s stalker was annoyed they were failing his test.
With his dark gift the farmers on the outskirts were blessed.

They sought out the aid of a famous local scholar.
They found him alright but he was living in Squalor
So high were his books stacked next to Rhombus they were taller.
A single misstep and they were his mauler.

They tossed aside heavy embossed tomes.
Hoping to find him without too many broken bones
His rescue was rewarded with unlimited free loans
He would also provide research checking every book he owns.

Knowledge of the farmers peril the party was no longer deprived
But it was far too late for them by the time out heroes arrived
As monstrous scarecrows the once living were disguised
Another note was left for them in case they survived.

Please come to my dungeon Malkorin my dove.
The Misgivings Manor is the entrance above.
It might as well been Signed with hearts & much love
Your humble future lord & master Sir Aldern Foxglove.



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