Rise of the Runelords

Zerrajin 5

Evil has been banished from Sandpoint, for now anyway. The raid on Thistletop was greatly successful, in spite of the loss of our newly met friend Emerys. So stunned was I by his terrible demise that I didn’t truly process it until later, after our final battle with Metheznakor. I feel as though he knew more about what was happening around us than he let on, there was something about his aloofness towards the things we were seeing and learning, almost measured, deliberate. That familiar seemed a bit too familiar, if one pardons the pun, with him specifically, though perhaps I am reading too much into the natural chaos which carries us all towards our destinies, be it glory or oblivion. In any event it does not seem right to commit his body to this foul blood stained ground. If I find the time, I must do a bit of reading that I might be able to put relevant pieces to future puzzles into their proper place as relating to the Planes and our own Pantheon which I generally neglect in spite of my spiritual inclinations. The idea of Gods behaving like men, or worse has always struck me as silly and contradictory, but clearly a greater understanding of the mythology that motivates the followers of specific deities will be necessary.



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