Malkorin DarkHammer


Short, Angry, but with an enterprising eye and enthusiasm that is uncommon in his people. He would never admit it and most humans don’t see it, but he fits in better with the humans of the great cities of the world, the trade-hubs, the whorehouses, the docks, then he does with the stoic people where he came from. He likes the hustle of the city, the activity, the movement. He is a ruthless capitalist and business person when he can be, and ignores any law he can get away with, but he has a strict moral code he adheres to, though he shares with no one for fear it could be used against him.

Malkorin in his own words.

Darling, you keep working on that beard and then maybe i’ll marry you. Till then, all you need to know about me is what ya see in front of ya. I don’t mince words, but I like mead and money, and right now, I don’t have enough of either.”

::stares at the serving girl for about 20 seconds, while she looks at feet, sort of confused.::

Ok what I’m really sayin is you should pour me some mead, and skip the small talk. I like this place just fine, and you keep my cup full and i’ll spend my coin here. I got some plotting to do and it helps me think.


Malkorin DarkHammer

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