Rise of the Runelords


So here we are, I guess this is a thistle part of Thistletop cuz I got to tell you the little buggers are everywhere I even found some in Blackhands pouches & those things are locked up tight! I have to say though it’s refreshing to be someplace where everything is the right size. You know for goblins they did a nice job with the place. They dug a pit so deep even WKT wont, jump down. We threw light spells down there but couldn’t see what was at the bottom. Maybe well go down there on the way back! They also they built a watch post it’s funny cuz they had this great spot to look out but nothing to signal anyone with if they spotted something haha they probably saw us coming & couldn’t do anything about it. Anyway from the lookout we got to see the top part were the people use to live. Tsuto says Nuala was hiding some were in here probably in the big mansion. Oh he isn’t with us; he’s still in prison we talked to him before we left. We’re gonna bring him back to Magnamar after we get back so that rich little bastard can just buy his way out of trouble. Mal’s awake! He’s groaning a lot when he moves, probably because he caught an earthquake yesterday. There were a bunch of goblins in here, we killed most of em real easy even the ones riding those big rat things, but there was one that was throwing fireballs & earthquakes they hurt a lot. Emrys use a fire orb scroll & chased him down the hallway with it. WKT & Blackhands followed but it was a trick. He covered them in vines then he dove into the thistles & then jumped out right next to Emrys ready to cast another spell that probably would have killed everyone, but Mal figured out his plan & was waiting for him. He leaped on him & caught that spell it was realy powerful and Mal got knocked down. The goblin tried to kill Mal while he was temporarily stunned, but he bought everyone else enough time to get back & we were able to defeat him. I’ve been trying to figure out how Blackhands works his healing majik I think I’m close. I’m gonna sum I have a friend who will help me figure it out. I’m going to go find him then we’re off again!

The Future?

I’m gettin a bit antsy.

The road to ruin is paved with good intentions. So i figure just a hair of selfishness and wrath will keep me out of the mix right? We spared the Mercenary Orek. I’m not sure it was worth it, but he might make a fine ally, or at least a fine patsy/cannon fodder/tool for future use. Having a favor owed is a good thing. He has no sense, and might be good with that sword to, so that makes it a double boon. And i’m not reaching to far to say that I doubt my allies would be interested in cashing it in.

See i’m a good dwarf. I don’t kill generally. I talk about stealing cuz i think crime is funny, but its mostly a bluff. But I also put people into groups. There are good guys, and you sort of wink and nod at them, let the little stuff slide, and hopefully you can count on that good nature when your in a bind. But then there are not so good guys, and those guys, like Orek, I’ll use them like a 2 silver whore. I’ll lie, cheat, steal, torture, murder, whatever. Fuck em. They hurt people, and it’s a service to the world when you cut little creeps testicles off and make them eat it.

Now look at us. Bringing the pain with smelly evil assholes lining up to get run through. I ain’t really seen this much money in a long time to be honest. And i’m amazed we got it by being mostly honest. All this hero-gold is getting heavy. I need to be thinking about a safe place to put it soon.

Tolkin is starting to creep me out a bit. I know I was just talking about cutting off the testicles of evil, but from that does not follow being happy and enjoying even, the screams of little unarmed naked animals while your dog eats them. He was licking his lips too, not the dog, the actual halfling. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found him squatting out in the woods shitting out goblin bones. My people never had wizards, sorcerers, and alot of them, daddy dearest included didn’t trust them as far as he could throw them, which wasn’t far because he was fat and lame in one leg. I remember once he ordered our brothers to shank a pathfinder. I was too small to participate at the time, so he told me to watch while they sawed his tongue off with a serrated dagger.

Always felt guilty for shit like that. We didn’t do it much, but the family loved it. It was like the murder fairy was delivering severed heads for the holiday.

So yeah, good, evil, what the fuck? I know those are real things, but they might only really exist at extremes. Every one of us just meanders in the gray, faking it until we die because we think Desna or whatever will deliver us from this terrifying ride we call life.

Not interested in that gruff. It’s a fake form of salvation, a theft greater than anything Giest ever pulled. Ha, maybe I should have started a church instead. Tolkin could be its first member. Naw, instead I want a belly full of mead and an army of paid servants who’s entire existence is focused on making sure my asshole is wiped and powdered.

I’m kinda motivated actually. Fuck this beardless wench, she isn’t gonna remove her taint, cuz i’m gonna stab her in it first. I got some hero-gold to spend, and in addition to being a heartless cunt, your in my way.

Session 5 - And Suddenly the Hinges Started to Unhitch

My dearest Kirulk,

How goes the homeland? I hope the war efforts aren’t keeping you awake still. You need all the rest you can get, with you bearing child and all.

I find myself in these awful places. Dank, smelly, and evil places. It makes me long for home even more.

We ventured to this place Thistle Top to find the goblin leader, Rip-Nugget. Though, we’re all pretty sure there’s more involved here then one goblin getting some tribes together. We’ve yet to put all the pieces together though.

The pack cut through a few brawls, and met up with Rip-Nugget. He was tough for a goblin, which means we had no issues teaching him how to blend in with the floor. You just have to lay flat…real flat.

Upstairs we bumped into the bugbear we’ve heard about before. We took him down, but what happened next you shouldn’t know about.

Now, the next thing seems a little strange. I just want to start by saying, I WASN’T scared! We fought these two dogs that looked a bit sickly. I kept the things attention, but I felt like if I hit it then it would of attacked someone else. That and the damn torch light was in my eye. The ground was uneven a bit too, so it was hard to keep my balance AND fight.

Moments later we find a lady hiding from us in a closet. I mean who can blame her, this place was obviously out-matched the moment we stepped foot across the front bridge. We were told about her ahead of time by a cowardly mercenary that wanted us to spare him. We did, because damn, who wants to slay someone who’s defenseless?

We made short work of her, but in return she made short work of my Earthbreaker. With just a few words, and a whistle she shattered the whole damn thing. Now I’m running around with a sword that’s Tolkein’s size. It’s magical or something, but still doesn’t do the same. It still kills I’m sure, but Desna be damned if I’m going to look like someone who uses children’s weapons. I’m about to run around this place with my bare hands and tear it to shreds.

I’ll be sure to write again soon,


Session 4 – The House, To Switch

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Session 4 - The House, To Switch

Hawk Warrior Galstak,

Father, I know you’re ashamed of my actions, but I must find my vision; must become a man in the eyes of my people. I’ll find my vision in this crazy place. I just know I will. I have to, for my just-starting family.

You wouldn’t believe the strange things out here. The laws are so oddly enforced. They actually gave me the opportunity to rough up a guy who took me down a few skirmishes back. Oh, there was so much blood and fun.

We got to the bottom of this goblin attack; found out who the movers-and-shakers are, and have been taking them out ever since. This name Rip-Nugget keeps appearing. I can’t wait to meet this one up close and personal like. There’s also a bugbear we might bump into, apparently he loves to hate elves so we’re going to try and use Emrys as bait. He seemed open to the idea.

To find Rip-Nugget, we had to go to Thistle Top, where the bugger lives. The road of goblin infested territory was long, and eventually we came to a area completely overgrown with thorns. We kicked in a good sized section, and tried to pass. Movement was slow, but we managed to make short work of everything inside. Except…

That damn goblin was making a fool of us! It was just one of the foul smelling beasts, but he did some serious injury to Malkorin. First we saw ‘em, then me and Zerrajin ran in to engage ‘em. Little bastard slows us down with some vines then leaps into the surrounding thorn patch. Next thing we’re hearing fighting behind us as he’s gotten to the rest of the unsuspecting party. When he started on Malkorin, he never backed off. Pummeled him into the ground, then tried to finish the job before we actually got around to stopping’ em.

So forward on we go to Thistle Top. Where we get to start having some real fun. I’ll be sure to send you some trophies from the kills.


PS. If your back is still in agony, Kirulk has some herbs for that. Fixed mine up in no time.

Session 3 – The Wind Began To Switch Session 5 – And Suddenly the Hinges Started to Unhitch

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Big damn heros, aint we just.

The glass works has everything! I never knew basements were so interesting. They have this big round room. Inside there was a dead bird full of worms & a book for some evil god & a silver dagger & a bottle of something. It was all just floating in there it was so much fun. You can jump, spin, & roll in every direction! I asked Miko if we could stay there so we wouldn’t be taking up a room at the inn now that we saved the world.. or at least the town, yea there was this temple in there too with this flying demon. She was summoning all those open face guys & spiders. WKT got bit, he was already sick from when that puddle monster kissed him, Oh right there was a buncha other rooms that we had to go through first. They had angry statues & zombie pits & a tasty 3 armed goblin. I don’t remember much about the fight with the puddle monster except it was really loud. It was making out with WKT till Mal killed it. But it had some kinda STD mouth so he was still sick from that when he was fightin the demon. It was great, Rhombus jumped so high it looked like he was in that floating room again. Oh imagine if the temple was a floating room too!

I’m back, where was I oh right, the flying demon was tough, arrows & stuff hardly hurt her at all. Emrys used his rainbow majiks just as Mal was going in for the kill. She was so scared of him she wasn’t looking at the spell & hardly noticed at all, but Mal’s combat awareness worked against him and he caught it full in the face. She knew her only chance was to take him out in this moment of weakness rainbowedness even then she didn’t have what it takes! We got our hero treasure, which is what adventures call monster heads if you didn’t know. We met with Mayor Deverin she had a goblin expert who told us all about the goblin tribes in the area. She gave us some of their names… KORVIUS that was his name the one with the arms & majik sword. We took it to the meeting with Tsuto, the hero treasure I mean, well we took the sword too, but we didn’t show him. After we brought Miko back to the Rusty Dragon to rest & make lunch. Anyways we made a deal with Tsuto were he gets to go home to Magnamar for his trial & he tells us how to save the everyone or at least mostly everyone again. Maybe when save the town again… did I already tell you the town is surrounded by thousands of goblins? well it is. Tomorrow WKT is going back to the church to get cured then were headed for Thistle Top, that’s a goblin town. Nuala Tobin that’s the angel-demon priests daughter who is not dead yet, I wonder who they buried then. The RD is still closet goblin free. I’m going to sleep out here in case Tsuto escapes. I don’t want Miko to run off again without us, I wonder if there is a basement here…

zerrajin 4

after cleaning the tunnels beneath the glass works we returned to town to recover as well as purchase some equipment. We learned a little about the vile bitch from hell we battled from the clergy. Upon hearing that sudo wished to speak with us we came up with a tactic for questioning him in order to keep him on edge. we ended up making a deal of sorts with the little devil where we vowed to urge the sheriff to move his trial out of Sand Pointin exchange for information on getting into the Goblin Lair and possibly disrupting a demonic summoning ritual. it us in the midst of these goblins that I commune with you now, great spirits of the ages, seeking guidance that we may prevent loss of life without needing to trade our own.

Malkorin 4 - Defective Dwarves

“Hey Malk! Your a Horses Arse!” I heard an especially surly and angry Dwarf call out from across the {local} River. He scared the shit out of me, as I was counting the days Tolls, and I always get a little distracted when looking at coin.

My great family had relegated to me, this grand and auspicious task, to count the kings meager coin, stolen from merchants and refugee’s for the right to use a river that smells like dung and piss. They say their mostly humans, and I shouldn’t feel bad, but theft is theft. The smell makes me mad to.

“Go Fuck yourself. I’m countin here!” I called back to him. My younger brother, Korith. Youngest of 11. I give him alot of shit, but I like him better than most of the flea-bitten clan we call the dark-hammers. Bet you never heard of a family of 11 either. Let’s just say Daddy Dark-hammer keeps a few of the local lasses on the dole. It gets even better cuz none of us even know which is legitimate, and me mother is duller than a box of rocks, and doesn’t even care how many of us little ungrateful shits she needs to take care of.

We are a few miles from the city, so technically this land falls under the Jurisdiction of {Dwarven City}. In reality, outside of a few meager patrols and some trading, we don’t defend this much. Instead we place tolls in all the right places, extracting coin from bandit and beggar alike. The Darkhammer Clan isn’t very powerful or rich in real terms compared to some of the other Dwarven Houses, but we do have the most contacts outside the city walls. The Varsians in particular have always been friendly with us. We often co-travel with their Caravans, trading mead for protection and anonymity as we move among the world of men, making dark deals in the name of the King. The Dwarves don’t like to admit it, but they need us, and what we do. Hell, I don’t like to admit what I do.

“Hey Malk! I’m not kidding. What the fuck you think your doing?” Korith looked concerned

“Hey hey, i’m bagging coin. Bout to head back, but my escort is late.”

“Malk, you can tell me. You been stealing. We know it. We got a Confession from one of your compatriots”

My hair was standing up on the back of my neck. Compatriots? I don’t have any compatriots. I’m not stealing anything. Something weird is going on, and i get nervous when there is weirdness. I notice an old mace in the corner, made for humans but still would do the trick. I hope I don’t have to use it.

“Korith, which compatriot? What kind of nonsense are you speakin?”

“Valor told me, got it right from the mouth of your buddy Dorin. They have him confessin to the king now. You been takin from the tolls for yourself. He ain’t the only witness”.

“Dorin’s a lyin sack of shit! He is either being paid, or doing it just out of spite to save his own skin. I broke one of his teeth last week because he called your sister a whore! He ain’t my buddy, so whatever you heard has nuttin to do with me”

Korith drew his axe, and hefted it uneasily. He turned the blade a bit, position himself to hit me with the flat of it. “Korinth, you don’t know what your doing. Whatever that sucker told you is false”

“I’d like to beleive that Mal. You gonna come quietly.” He raised his axe a little higher, a bit more sure of himself. He was an incredible fighter, but unlike most of our little clan, he has a sense of honor you can only get from being the last man for so long.

I was about to say yes, when I spied about 20 Dwarves in full armor out the corner of my eye behind him.

“Valor is using you Korinth. And he is using me. He is using us all, and one day you’ll realize that. I hope your smart enough to survive until then.”

Before he could react I charged into him, barreling him over and through the wall of the toll booth. He crashed through the gate and slammed into the river with a splash. He struggled in the water, as the current began to push him away.

“I’m sorry.” I doubt he heard me. I certainly heard him cursing me with words that would make his mother blush. I took the sack of coins, bout 400 or so from the days toll collection, grabbed my pack, and quickly mounted the pony tethered nearby. I spent 3 hours pushing the poor thing to exhaustion, just to get that extra measure of safety. Valor’s guards are expert fighters and trackers, and Stubborn as a mule. They will track me for days if they can.

I had a feeling this would happen. Valor’s been weird since Father got sick. We don’t know who the heir is, and he ain’t said to anyone who it could be. I Bet Valor is making the bet that he ain’t it, and so he is trying to eliminate some options. 3 weeks ago my Sister Keilind fell into a well. She takes after her mother, in that she was also as dumb as stone and the easiest target. I bet he’s going after me cuz I’m the most charming of the lot, and because most of the family thinks i’m shit anyways, and won’t be missed. Plus i’m kind of on probation for kicking my Eldest brother Yarkis in the dick after I saw him being an asshole with some commoners. I wonder how they blackmailed Dorin? No surprise, That guy would sell his own mother for a nickel ….

I wake up in a sweat. I stink like a dungeon, sweat and goblins. The goblin smell is the worst. I keep having that dream, which ain’t really a dream, just a thing I can’t shake from my head. Every day I feel like I made the right decision. But Korinth doesn’t deserve what happened to him … maybe i should write him a letter or something? Next time a goblin hits me with fire, I might not wake up ….

alright. We ain’t done with this pony ride yet. Get your game face on. We got a daemon whore to kill. And my fucking hat is dirty.

zerrajin 3

It turns out we were mistaken the attacks did not o# riginate from the glass works although there seems to be an insidious influence coming from beneath them. Amico’s kidnapper’s/brother’s Journal revealed to us that the Goblin tribes are united although it is uncertain under Whom. my rest and meditation were disturbed by creatures which did not seem to truly be alive. after warning the town about the Goblin situation we cleansed said tunnels of the corrupting Undead filth and perhaps their source, a demon bitch Who very nearly killed us all.

It appears we got here just in the nick of time, whats that make us?

Journal time! I can’t wait for Miko to wake up; she looks like she is going to have a great story to tell. We won first watch so the rest of them & Tsuto are sleeping it off. Him & WKT look almost as rough as she does. Rhombus said well thought I mean I thought it was a good idea to throw a bunch of glass down the hallway wait it was Mal’s idea! Oh we did that because there are goblins tunnels in the glass works, that’s where we are right now.

Miko was missing when we woke up this morning so went to check her room it was locked so we… found this note… Oh she left us a note that said if she goes missing we’re supposed to break in her door. So we did & we found a second note this one wasn’t for us, but we didn’t know that till we read it. It said that their dad Miko & Tsutos invited the goblins to the town burning. & body stealing well the note didn’t say that but the journal we found did, but that comes later. Any way so we fixed the door ate then went to the Kaijitsu Glass Works.

That door was locked too. Uh the note Miko left us that first one also said if she was kidnaped we can break in to the glass works too & it’s her familys so she can give us permission altho she her dad did say she was out of the will but I don’t think he had time to cut her out officialy. We tried but that door was realy well made. Luckily Mal found the emergency key! The whole inside was broken glass & goblins. They would have overrun us but Mal flipped over a table! The goblins killed Tina then we found Longiku he was dead they covered him in glass & smashed into a million pieces the goblins did I mean thats how he died I think unless they did somthing else to kill him first then did that.

We checked the place for more of em but we didn’t find any till we went down stairs. But Tsuto was waiting for us he is realy skilled he saw Mal when he was sneaking. Mal almost dodged the arrow. WKT ran down the hall way to fight He jumped right over one of em & hit Tsuto with his hammer oh yea it was a trap Tsuto was a bad guy he was with the goblins. Maybe he killed his father with the whole shattered glass thing he is a fully bad guy & goblins usualy just sab or burn or eat your face.
I seen WKT squish goblins with one swing but Tsuto didn’t go down then he beat WKT with his fists & did a cartwheel in the air only it ended on WKT’s face. Uh then another giant stray wolf showed up maybe the same one from before I think he is very useful saving people & killing goblins even if he was summoned no matter how he got here he should be allowed in town after all he has helped. Anyway he hates goblins so he attacked them. They couldn’t get to WKT then Emrys used his rainbow majick and put them all to sleep. The wolf ate the goblins and Blackhands healed WKT.

After we tied up Tsuto who was the bad guy. We found Miko tied up in a closet on the floor with cuts & adventure kisses everywhere. Blackhands healed her too but she only opened her eyes for a second before she fell asleep again. One of the rooms had a bed & we tucked her in. We found Tsuto’s journal that said about how there are goblins and orcs & half devils all going to attack here & they needed Father Tobin’s body to get rid of their cursed blessed half & they are going to use the tunnels to get into town or fly over the walls. Oh his whole journal was all rhymes guess barding comes natural to their family although I can’t Imagine Longiku singing & not just because he’s you know a puzzle. Maybe they get if from their mom I’ll bet… Ohhh somethingjustbrokethebottleiputonthedoorilltellyouaboutitlater…

It was monsters, face opening monsters with backwards knees and realy long spears three of them! They didn’t wear shoes or nothing but they walked right over the glass & grease & greased glass with goblin bits. They smelled weird & tasted terrible. They came from that door down that hallway. I took a peek inside, I didn’t know Amiko’s family was rich enough to have their own basement cave! Mal says it’s the end of our watch.


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