Rise of the Runelords


Quinn is nearby. I was beginning to wonder if I should move on, but we found the tunnels littered with beasts, succubus, and the seven pointed rune. I’m not quite sure if my brother is indeed here. Just relieved to find anything that will point me in the right direction. Something to give me hope that I can recover the only family I have. I need to learn more about this whole situation. I have to many questions, and what I fear are tragic answers. I can’t write any more it is distracting me from my dangerous surroundings. I must not fall here. I must not fail him.

Malkorin 3 - Daemon Cunt from Hell, Part 1

Of all the Unholy Cunts!

Though I have to admit. The flying trick is a neat one. I’m not opposed to fighting dirty. A Dwarf with wings? Ha! That would make the old family puke in their graves. I wonder how many shinies it would cost me to get a magic type to wizard me up some wings?

Still this little foray is starting to get mighty interesting. My new companions have succeeded in only annoying me only twice today, which I call a marked improvement from before. Tactics are improving, movement is getting easier. Need to establish a new ground rule though. When Toklin is throwin, only short people are catchin, especially when liqueur, or money is involved. It’s like inviting your friends to pork your wife on your honeymoon, I don’t need the help and in fact, your probably going to make it worse.

I’m starting to like black-hands. He is quiet, but competent and calm. I haven’t heard him say a stupid thing yet. He plays it safe too, and he does alot of listening. When he says somethin, its relevant. He’d have made a good thief actually, though I won’t tell him that …. probably I’m my own worst enemy sometimes and end up makin a compliment sound like an insult. Still, good to know not everyone is channeling their inner halfling. He seemed interested in dressin up a bit. I might take some time once we get back to town and show him how to spend money, hoping i’m able to sweet-talk / bribe the general store to let us back in.

Still that bitch was tough. Not my area of expertise, I prefer my fighting with the decidedly non-demonic variety, but things like that just don’t hang out for the bloody fuck of it. Someone or something brings them here …. A few of my companions think it might be the daughter, back for revenge. Maybe it is the priest himself, risen from the dead, actin against his former god who didn’t save him from the fire. That would explain the corpse in front of us. Maybe it is just someone who hates humans. I think i might take some time goin over these letters we got. Now that we got a bit more context, we might be able to piece it together. I’d love to circumvent some of this soon to come unpleasantness, and just cut the head off the dick. Maybe baring that, we could find a way to trick some the goblins into killing each other? I’ve seen goblins kill each other over who has a better stick, this crap can’t be that hard.

So something powerful is uniting 5 tribes of goblins. That thing is working with the beardless daemon stripper. According to the ranger, they got other allies as well. All the ugly in the region is dancing to the same playbook.

Now last point before I get back to stabbing evil in the mouth …. Emrys had better watch that magicin’ shit in close quarters. Rainbow Love Rays don’t do shit to daemon whores, but dwarves are a bit more romantic at heart. Least he could have bought me a drink before he knocked me out. If he did that with Magic Razor Blades or Acid-Flame Balls, or whatever ungodly shit sorcerers like to toss around when their throwing a tantrum, we might have a bit more issues in the inter-party violence department. I ain’t never worked with a sorcy type before, so I hope i’m excused for not knowing the protocols. Still i can play it nice I guess .. young kid, worried about his brother ‘an all. I know what that’s like … well knew anyways.

I’m still makin him buy me a drink though.

Session 3 - The Wind Began To Switch


Brother, do you remember the first time I got lost in the rage? Is Roakkad still angry? I couldn’t tell what bothered him more. The nice size chunk I took out of his arm, or the fact I inherited grandfather’s power and not him. Is he still yelling at chickens trying to force it out? har har!

This place is strange. Not as brutal as home, there’s only Goblins around these parts trying to take over, no Orcs. I did bump into some interesting things in the last day though. I’m not sure if you all back home will believe it, but I think they were dead…

Right after Tsuedo was taken down by Emrys, we tried to get some rest, but that wasn’t how things went down. We stirred these beings out from this tunnel further down the hall. Damn…they stunk something foul. The buggers kept hitting us on the move! Hitting us from afar with really long swords I’ve never seen before, then backing up. It didn’t stop me from cracking a couple in half, it was just annoying to have to keep moving up to put a hurting on them. That was the first tip off that these things weren’t alive. There was no intimacy in their carnage exploits. No passion behind the blows. Just cold and calculated.

We knew there was more fight to take care of, but Ameiko Kaijitsu had us run through town. We told the mayor and Belor Hemlock about a serious Goblin attack. I know that sounds silly, but there’s way to much of the little buggers to handle by ourselves. There was something around FIVE tribes banded together for an all out attack. Belor…still don’t know what to make of him, headed out to get reinforcements, and we decided to check out where those stinky, cold things came from under the glass works.

So we travel through this place. I heard the word ‘dungeon’ a few times by my travel mates, so it must have been one of those. We fought a few more of those things, then ended up face to face with a Goblin who could spit acid! …or fire…or something, it was hard to see over Rhombus, Tolkien’s animal totem. The beast is impressive, a giant thing. He made short work of the little bugger. Karuvus, the Goblin ‘Hero’ was his name. The dog ripped ‘em in half in short time. Was kind of disappointed I didn’t get to call the kill my own, but I can’t have em all, har har!

Past that I hopped over these pits showing off a bit. We saw there were zombies in ‘em. I didn’t feel right just leavin’ em there, so we all took turns puttin’ ’em down. Past that spot was a room with levitating items. Emrys and I took turns throwing things at Tolkien and he did the same. Only thing that caught my eye was a dagger, and some wine. The dagger was overly shiny, and Malkorin tossed it in his boot…while the halfling tossed the wine on the ground. A few of us tried to catch it, but sweat and blood covered hands prevented that from happening. What a shame.

Next thing I know I’m standing next to a pool of water, holding my ears in agony, and this big black angry thing is biting me in the face. The area of the wound is riddled with black veins, and it still hurts under the skin. I told my companions that it happens all the time, but I’m worried something serious is going on under there. I’ll have Zerrajin take a look at it back in town. Can’t let anyone else see me vulnerable. On top of that, I’m pretty sure that bitch of a bitch poisoned me. Even as I write this letter, I can’t hide the shaking and sweating from everyone else… I got ahead of myself, perhaps we better start where we opened the doors to a temple.

The last room we checked out had the craziest thing I’ve ever seen inside. A succubus someone said it was. The thing has…well had…these leathery wings, which put a wrench in my usual way of handling things. I got a solid hit in, and she took off towards the ceiling. No one could reach the thing, so I pulled out a bow and started peppering it. Somewhere between the dagger and the onslaught of spells she cast on me, I started feeling weak. I almost vomit on the spot, and Earthbreaker got awfully heavy when I picked it up next. Things weren’t looking all that great, but then Rhombus…that incredible beast, took a chunk out of her arse. He leaped up, 20 damn feet, and bit into her solid. She tried to disappear, and came close to doing it, but that bite put an end to that. There was was, slacked, tapped, and trapped.

Desperation is a stinky perfume Nathesnacore the Succubus.

She flew down in a desperate move. She went after whoever was standing in front of the passageway out. Remember watching the wolves hunt at home? That’s how we proceeded. For a group of non-tribesman, and non-rage fighters – WE POUNCED ON HER LIKE A PACK OF STARVING WOLVES, and for a few moments, I was proud of my pack. It was the proudest moment in my life thus far.

Followed quickly by the most painful moment of my life thus far.

It’s easy to ignore pain in combat. Desna be damned brother, I can’t even be harmed by smaller animals and smaller weapons any longer. But once it’s over, once the rage subsides, you feel every tiny bit of it. Usually that’s not a problem…but that bitch did somethin’ awful to me. I can feel it in my heart, in my veins.

Once Zerrajin patches me up, I’ll grab you and your cubs some items from this place. Not sure what I’ll pick you up, I just know it won’t be clothes. Apparently the shop owner doesn’t like when elves give their daughters the dirty business, har har!


Session 2- Oiling the Machine Session 4 – The House, To Switch

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Garridan’s Character Sheet

Session 2 recap

They wandered from hallowed crypts hollow save for trappings of cloth & bone.
Each answer revealing more yet unknown.
Their tongues bound to secrets sworn to keep between Sheriff & stone.

The adventures gather next in the shopping square for a break from the mystery & fine clothes to wear.
They slipped into Vinders General Store.
He offered a discount but Shayless offered the half-elf more.

In darkened cellar midst the fashion
Father found the lovers midst their passion.
Through the shop door Emyres did go dashin
to avoid the Venerable Venn Vinder’s slashin.
For the rest, his good will was considered cashed in.

At the alchemist they did next tried their luck.
Heroes? The shop keeper said, LIKE I GIVE A FUCK!

Back at the Rusty Dragon they did wait
For the noble saved by a twist of fate.

It was in the tavern the grateful Foxglove heir
Paid them gold that all considered fair.
Through tales of magic & past adventures told he did sit & stare.
An offer of bore hunting for all of them there.
Well-deserved rest let each one forget their care.

The generous Mr. Foxglove took them to the stables.
Each got a mount of brown, tan or sable.

Boar, boar, bore.
The party felt it in their core.
Their enthusiasm left them this was a chore.
Their eyelids grew heavy soon they would snore.

Suddenly the hounds started barking from the East.
& out through the brush emerged a great beast.
But the dogs couldn’t hold it for it had been greased.
And arrow after arrow narrowly missed (meased).
It seemed they would not get their feast.

Till Who-Kills-Twice lived half his name true
& struck a solid blow the ordeal was now through.

Back at their lair they found a surprise, mother & daughter huddled & cries.
Monster in the closet said the little girl with frightened eyes,
You must believe me I wouldn’t tell lies.

To the family home they went with great haste and found beloved Edward though he had been defaced.
Inside the girls closet the goblin paced
Gnawing on poor Pebbles ignoring the taste
till Who-Kills-Twice became enraged & turned him to paste.
The Dwarf was furious oh! what a waste.

Blackhands cast a recovery spell
to save the Halfling who in one blow had fell.

The body was covered to spare the family the sight.
The Halfling told them anyway before he wished them good night.

Back once again at their favorite bar
Their meal was interrupted by a noble from Magnamar.
He made his demands & told Amiko she must travel far.
But his words only wounded & made fresh an old scar.
She said to him Piss off; just who do you think you are?

But she was missing the next day when they awoke.
So into her bed room two of them broke.
Inside was a letter of a secret midnight meeting it spoke.
So the adventures headed for the glassworks and started to poke.

They huffed & they puffed & bashed & kicked
but could not get the front door to unstick.
Till the Dwarf did the trick he picked the lock & it opened with a click.
Inside they found goblins that they killed off right quick.

Who else was there all covered in glass
I’ll give you a hint he was bossy & crass
That’s right Longiku, father of our favorite barroom lass.
Not one of them felt bad for that snobby hard ass.

One hammer blow & his human form was shattered.
The party picked through the pieces & took what they thought mattered.

Down they went deep into the spiraling dark.
A lethal arrow streaking from the shadows near hit its mark.
The archer was skilled this would be no walk in the park.
The barbarian charged with no cover for the hallway was stark.

A sudden tumble caught both goblins off guard.
But he underestimated the skills of the seasoned young bard.
Some training with monks was his secret ace card.
A series of swift blows left the savage warrior quite jarred.
Who-Kills-Twice struck him back as the warriors sparred.
He remained on his feet though the blow had been hard.
With the next attack the Shoanti fell his winning streak marred.

The wolf charged in next for their friends time was short,
With a whoop & a cheer from his diminutive cohort.

The fight ended quickly with a well-cast color spray
The Kaijitsu son went down with a heyyy!
They rescued Ameiko & saved the day
A wonderful ending wouldn’t you say.
The tunnel led on but that’s a tale for another day.


The only reason anyone got upset is jealousy. Just mad the outsider got the first strange. That’s all I will say about the rat situation. Anyways, that is exactly how I felt when we all met, like an outsider. Two pairs of friends and an Elf who could grow a beard if he wanted. And I don’t. But even though we had a hiccup I feel that we are bonding as a party. I was able to subdue a rather powerful adversary with my magic, and in the process I believe I saved WKT. If that doesn’t help ingratiate me with the tribesman I don’t want to know what I have to do. There was quite a bit of treasure that we collected, and I am carrying. I think I’ll ask WKT to hold on to this stuff.

I can’t seem to find Nile my fellow Pathfinder. Everyone seems to know him, hate him, and have no idea where I can find him. I’m beginning to question the value of locating him.

Fun fact I’ve learned about each of my new friends.
Malkorin- He’ll kill you good, if he catches you. And he won’t.
Tolkin- He likes to play tricks. Or he is insane. Will follow up.
Blackhands- His name should really be DarkGreyHands, but I’ve always been a stickler for colors and details.
Who Kills Twice- Reckless. Perfect obstacle to have between me and those who would kill me once. At least.

It was the best 2 dayS ever

Back for more eh? You know it’s not nice to take other people stuff, especially personal stuff like journals. Stealing makes you a bad person so I am now placing a curse on you! Oh! Wait if you’re my kids or grand kids or something you can just ignore all that. I’ll bet you little scamps just miss me. I’m sure I’ll be back soon. You want to hear a story of about one of my adventures! Today we went to the Sandpoint grave yard with to open Father Tobin’s crypt with Sheriff Hemlock. Oh! Something interesting happens when you open a mausoleum I don’t want to spoil it for you, go ahead & try it it’s ok I’ll wait…
Haha wasn’t that fun! Well after we dealt with that we went inside, it was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. Oh sorry I’m not allowed to tell you who’s body was or wasn’t inside. Hemlock made us all swear to keep it a secret unless you ask one of us directly. Did you know you can adopt angels? I’ll bet you do some of you probably are. Father Tobin adopted one but they died in a fire.
We went to Vinders General store for fancy clothes first because Mal says we have to dress up for Mr. Foxglove he’s a potent infester. Anyway his daughter told Emyris about rats in the basement. What she didn’t tell him is that they were trained to steal clothes! Her father went down after them probably to sell Emyris his cloths back but he got them on his own and ran for it. Vinn was so mad we figured out his scheme he kicked us all out.
Um Mal & them went to the alchemists then & I went back to The Rusty Dragon & wouldn’t you know it Miko guessed that Father Tobins body was missing, she asked me so I was able to tell her all about it.
Then Mr. Foxglove showed up we had drinks & told stories & now we’re going Boar hunting tomorrow!

Miko’s dad showed up he had some strange Ideas about him being able to tell her what to do because just because he’s her father? Must be a human thing. It kinda reminded me of Vinn talking to his daughter. I didn’t like it. She set him straight tho & he left in a huff.
I am feeling sore a goblin just tried to cut me in half! He was hiding in some little girls closet. He ate her dog & dad’s face. Any way Blackhands magiced me back in time to see WKT that beardless, brainless something, something I didn’t catch the rest it was in dwarven splatter him every were. The Boar was delicious by the way but it takes a long time to find & it’s basically a large pig that just runs away. It was funny watching Honey, Roscoe & Flimflam slip. Oh I named his dogs for him & cast a grease spell on the boar. WKT splatter it too but that was before the goblin so there wasn’t any of that mixed in there.
Tina & I just finished searching the Inn. No goblins here. Hemlock said that him & the town guard had it under control but I think Pebbles & Headless Ed would agree they missed a few. We’re gonna go check on Boxer then hit the rack.

Zerrajin 2

HERO… in my youth the word would evoke images in my mind of great champions, protecting those weaker than themselves from whatever fiends may dare intrude upon their peace. It feels strange having that sacred word used to describe me, like I’m wearing armor that is too large for me and keeps slipping from my shoulders. Regardless, I keep hearing it throughout sandpoint. Merchants offer goods for a better price than we would have seen a week ago. Drinks are often free, and children point and whisper in admiration as we pass.
I don’t know if it is related to being a newly blessed hero but I notice that I am developing an infatuation with treasure. I want to find a better source of income than prying loose gold coins from the stinking vests of slain goblins and what I find amusing is I don’t even really know why I want it, just that I want more. If I find it to be interfering with what matters , I shall take steps to remedy.
I planned on spending some of said newly acquired gold on looking presentable for dining with the wealthy gentleman we protected from the goblins but, after about a minute in the clothing shop, Emrys was caught in the basement, in the owners daughter, and he didn’t find us quite so heroic after that. I didn’t really mind but I tried to soothe the anger of the owner and complete our business because I noticed how upset Malkorin was about it, though I must say I was a bit annoyed with the way he was referring to our evening’s host as “our better”, simply because of his wealth. Not the first time I noticed an indication that our new Dwarven friend seems to think that he is the smartest man in any given room and that that social standing is based upon the content of one’s coin purse, rather than quality of character. This, I believe, means that he spent a good deal of time in a decent sized city, as city types usually think they are smarter than the rest of the world, as though some great mystery is revealed to them for choosing to cram as many bodies in as small an area as possible.
Upon the same thread of money bringing about strange behavior, Amico appears to have been kidnapped by her own blood over what I suspect may be her share in her family’s estate, which she seemed indifferent to at best. One morning, when we were not summoned to the common room by the tempting smells brought on by her wizardry at the spice rack, we immediately suspected something was wrong. Now some people found it strange when Garridan smashed her door in after receiving no answer. We find it strange the thing was locked in the first place, like some oversized treasure chest, but what would simple “barbarians” such as we know of such things. We found a letter, which we used to track her down to a glass factory where we discovered another pack of goblins, Amico’s father frozen in the last moments of a horrible death, and her brother/kidnapper, who we managed to take alive, unlike that goblin yesterday. Aside from some tactical adjustments that need to be made, I feel we did rather well fighting the vicious little devils. We should probably stay a bit closer to one another than we have been doing, my ability to heal wounds only works if I am able to make physical contact, and Garridan needs to better control his rage for it to be an effective tool, though he doesn’t need to be told that I’m sure. There are tunnels feeding into this building, probably they were used to get the goblin attackers into town without attracting notice earlier. I think, after questioning Amico’s brother we should clean any remaining filth from them, but that we should first take some time to rest and regain some strength.

Garridan's Journal Entry, Session 2
Session 2-Oiling the Machine


Staying in this city, Sandpoint, is certainly different than the homeland. Everyone is always running about. It seems that no ones stays still outside. Running from one hut to the next. Though it does have it’s uses.

I noticed in the goblin fight my armor didn’t hold up against their brutal and crude weapons. I ran down to the local forge and talked my way into getting a suit of Zerrajin, Blackhands-style armor. I did some work for ‘em, and owe ’em a few more weeks of toiling if I can’t pony up the gold before that. For someone who doesn’t know me, I thought it was nice of ’er to help a fella survive a bit longer, har har!

As for these fellas I’ve had the joy of fighting with…We’re startin’ to get it. My way is a bit too hard for the dwarf, Malkorin DarkHammer. I saw the anger in his eyes when I put a goblin hiding in some poor lady’s hut to rest. Her mate was having his head being chewed off by the bugger when we found it. It didn’t take long to drive Earthbreaker’s spikes right through em; but in the frenzy I forgot I was asked to let the thing live. Still don’t understand why, having a sit down with a goblin is just invitin’ aggravation.

Back at the tavern we saw Ameiko’s father giving her what-for. I tried to butt in, but I don’t get involved with people’s elder-folk tellin’ em whats good for ’em.

…He’s dead now

Ameiko was missing the next morning. This is the point when I noticed, we’re getting it. We quickly figured out where she might be, suited up, and found her.

Were we perfect? Far from it.
Was I perfect? No where close.
Did we get things done, and get them done right? Bet your arse!

The dwarf wants to takes things slow, I have an issue with that. But Desna be damned, when me and him attacked the same lil bugger, it wasn’t in it’s own skin for much longer. I’m going to have to work on keepin’ my bloodlust and impatience from boiling over, but damn is it hard.

We arrived at a glass-works on the other end of town where Ameiko was told to visit her brother for some sorta’ meetin’. We charge in to discover the place was occupied by goblins. Tolkien didn’t fair well, but for a little guy, he can take more of a hit than I thought he’d be able to. I blame myself for the little guy going down. I saw the bigger and mounted goblins on the other end of the room, charged, and split the group.

“Never fight a battle from 2 sides” … You said that to me once, probably should have listened.

Downstairs wasn’t any better. My emotions get the better of me. I saw the dwarf narrowly avoid a volley of arrows. He was in danger, that part of my brain that thinks shuts off…if that makes any sense. All thoughts become one word. “Danger…Protect…Kill”

Well, that didn’t work out too well for me. I got to run down the hallway, push past a goblin, and with inspiration and cheers from Emrys and Tolkien Windchaser I laid Earthbreaker right into the side of his head…BUT THE BASTARD DIDN’T FALL! He felt it, I could tell. He tried to play it off, but blood never lies.

…That’s when things got dark…I didn’t realize all that blood everywhere…was mine.

I stood in shock that the mighty blow didn’t take his head off. I’ve just never seen that before. But that quick hesitation left an opening for him to crack me in the jaw. I didn’t notice until I was hitting the ground that I was already bleeding. Him and the goblin next to the one I pushed had already put a hurting on me, and what a hurtin’ it was.

Blackhands called on the animal spirits to fix me up. Even as I was laying on the ground, wounds closing but still in agony, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. I could see his face wince as he touched me. Those hands…always in pain…always burnt. I don’t think I could do it. I try not to talk about it to ‘em. He knows how bad it is, I don’t need to always remind ’em.

We found Ameiko, and tied up her bastard of a brother. In all the fuss, no one seemed to notice the broken walls and the tunnel leading to lord knows where…I’m not the smartest by far, but I think this might be how the goblins got in town…


Session 1 – Trouble in Paradise Session 3 – The Wind Began To Switch

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Malkorin - Journal 2

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, be you King or be you Begger.

I am angry. Emyres can’t keep his tiny little elf cock in his pants and got us kicked out the general store. I been working my ass off for a wide brimmed hat for weeks! The Barbarian has uncontrollable blood-lust, and turned our only source of information into goblin paste. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but we did need the stinky little git alive. The lot of them blunder without thought, through the town, through dungeons, through fucking life. How they have survived this long without having an anvil dropped on their thick skulls is a mystery. And to top it off, Miko’s family comes a knocking, bring their inbred Magnamarian noble nonsense behind them like a bad case of fleas. I can’t bloody well leave Magnamar if Magnamar decides to follow me here. So much for laying low.

By the Balls of my Beard, It is a small miracle we haven’t been shanked by assassins or run out of town by a lynch mob. Giest’s people were a bunch of assholes, but at least they knew how to run an operation, instead of Amateur Hour at the Ass-Bard Convention.

So now As I sit here, comfortably, my boot on Sudo’s Face, the only thing that has gone right this week. I’m ignoring his squirms and complaints while I smoke a Cigar. I ash on his nice cloths, noting with some amusement that a cinder burns through a little bit. He moves with a bit more vigor than I like, so I lean in on him, using my weight to press his face against the stone. I’m not gentle.

So there are some unanswered questions here. The little puke probably did it to take his fathers inheritance. I bet Miko still had a claim, even though she wasn’t interested. Now we know it’s not goblins running this thing. They used the Glass Works to move around. I bet these tunnels go for a long way. Here is the thing though, I don’t think Sudo was the big man here. This doesn’t explain the priest, the missing body, or the fact that the attack happened after the church was burned down. Sudo couldn’t give less of a shit. He just wanted money, and I know a goblin didn’t approach him with some grand plan, and he is an arrogant prick, so he wouldn’t listen anyways.

He doesn’t like Sand Point either. Thinks were all backwards. Probably looks at us like cattle. Which means his confidant and master, is probably from Magnamar as well, or at least powerful enough that the accent wouldn’t offend his sensibilities. No, our plucky villain in this daring tale is another …. and I bet Sudo can tell us who, and where to find him/her/it.

The caveat of all this intrigue, is that I think my friend Miko is about to become very very wealthy. And she will owe us a favor. I won’t wear it heavy against her, but these are nice things to collect. You don’t have to carry them, and one day you get paid back when you really need it. Plus I don’t intend to let Sudo leave here Alive, and once I get what I need, it will be slow, and it will not be nice. Squirm all you want Animal. After what you did to your father and your sister, you deserve to be put down.

I was never an Honorable Dwarf. My father told me I was a worthless, disreputable wretch. Maybe, but those times when the dishonorable thing is the right thing, I might be a bit more useful than an empty platitude.

Now, I think we should see how Miko is doing. If she is feeling well, I think a Good Girl, Bad Dwarf interrogation might be in order.

~ Malkorin DarkHammer


I don’t have much time to write as things haven’t slowed down since the 7 pointed rune. I found myself in Sandpoint during a festival. They were celebrating the rebuilt church. It was burned down a few years ago, and now I feel I know by whom. Anyways, there were lots of contests, games, music, and merriment abound. I knew their was a reason I was drawn to Sandpoint. I met several people who may be able to help me find my brother, and not feel so alone out here. Two are tribesman, and were traveling together. They seem nice enough, and useful. And then the vertically challenged pair. A dwarf and a halfling. They are very amusing and I look forward to shenanigans in the future. We all were gathered for the speech of the day and a bunch of goblins came out of nowhere. Well I can’t be positive if they did indeed come from nowhere, but it sure seemed that way. *Investigate possibility of goblins coming from nowhere(perhaps halfling Tolkin will know). I killed at least 4 of the ugly mongrels, but they got Blackhands pretty good. Almost lost him. After we were victorious we went to celebrate and rest for the night. This morning we woke and went to speak with the city guard. The sheriff or marshal said they needed our help with a crypt, I don’t remember much of what was said or done after he said crypt. I had a flood of emotions at the thought of going back into a place like that. Excitement but also dread. Next thing I knew Tolkin had opened the door, and skeletons appeared out of nowh…somewhere? Anyways Tolkin conjured a bird from somewhere and killed both of them. In all the excitement from the fight we went in just to discover it was just a stairwell and a room. The coffin of Tovan was empty to boot. Hmm…


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