Rise of the Runelords

Malkorin's Journal

I made some powerful allies today, secured the possibility of future work, and probably made some enemies as well.

The elf is a contact worth making. He can kill a goblin well enough, and seems like he is connected with some scholars society that basically pays people money for dangerous work. Nothin really negotiated yet, but he seems pretty eager to talk about it. It’s a job, and it pays the bills.

The Humans from the Barbarian North, are a different breed than the Chelexians or the Varisans. They might even be more different from their fellows than I am. They are strong in will though. Powerful, self assured, direct, honest. Traits of a fool, or traits of a hero? I never been able to tell the difference myself.

Course Tolkin isn’t the best liar. So a bit of too much truth almost got me squashed. I hate to do it, but I’ll have to watch what I say around him. This isn’t really what I had in mind when I was talking about striking it out on my own ….

Still opportunities come in the form of hardships. The city was attacked today. Usually not my favorite thing. However, a nobleman owes us his life now, and really I’m willing to kill goblins for free anyways. He wants to meet us for dinner. A few free meals and a hero’s welcome? That I can get used to. This could be a real chance. Go Legit. Or at least get sponsored by someone powerful enough to post bail.

This thing though, with these goblins, somthin doesn’t add up. The patch’s are all different, which means there is something or someone makin them all play nice. Plus they attacked during the fair. Is someone out to make a point? goblins don’t make plans like that. How in the 9 buring hells do they even know there was somethin going on? Most can’t even read their own language. This whole episode was a dramatic demonstration. But who or what was the target?

I have a hunch that the someone or something that is directing these goblins has a grudge, they speak and read common, and might even be Human. No way an Ork Warboss or a Goblin King is gonna be smart enough to time this attack the way it happened. I’ll keep that to myself though, until I got more to confirm it with.

5 years ago a Church burned down here, killed a beloved priest. Is that related? I’ve suddenly developed a real interest in local history. Foxglove might have something to say about this.

Which reminds me, it’s Time to get me and Tolkin Fitted out with some nice cloths for our Dinner with FoxGlove. He’ll think its fun. The barbarians might be willing to make new friends with a loincloth on, but I know enough to respect the money, and ya know what, I’m a damn hero, I’m entitled to some new material possessions.

Zerrajin 1

Myself and Garridan made good time traveling. He remains in good spirits so long as there is something available to fight, fuck, or eat. I tried to immerse myself in the journey, to find brief refuge from the sense of dread that follows me everywhere since “the incident”, but that black cloud, like my hands, cannot be cured. Even in town, in the midst of revelry and contests, I was unable to take any joy from my tribesman’s glory. I tried to make some light conversation and get an idea of who else was drawn here today but half of my mind was always taxed by that formless, nameless doom. Were I not so wrapped up in my own miseries, I perhaps could have noticed the encroaching assault from multiple goblin factions, and the unfortunate citizens who died at their hands would still be alive. The battle itself spoke to me however, insofar as I was a complete failure except as a distraction that allowed one man to keep his life. The other people we met, who came together to defend this assault was the real prize in my eyes. I feel strongly that the dwarf, the elf, and I suppose even the halfling were meant to come together with myself and garridan, to combat whatever agent is responsible for the attack, but also perhaps to battle the great nameless doom which has been haunting me, and for the first time since “the incident” I glimpsed a shard of hope for the future.

Trouble in paradise

Just to get it out of the way, I tripped him. We were racing, he was faster than me, he took a fall. If I knew he was going to break his face in the process would I do it still? Probably not. No one seemed to notice except Blackhands and a nearby dwarf.
I later got to know the dwarf as Malkorin, who was traveling with a halfling,Tolkien.

The games were fun, and I was good at them all…except that damn hammer meets bell thing. I couldn’t get my accuracy down, but this pointy-eared fella named Emrys took care of it for me. What can I say, accuracy was never my strong point.

There was some talking by folks on a raised stage, but I didn’t listen much. After more than a few drinks, and a million butterflies later, we heard sounds of some real fun. The town seemed to just erupt into flames around us!

High pitched voices begin to sing a song about goblins this, and goblins that. Well…let me tell you what goblins do,
“Goblins splat, and goblins crunch. Goblins fight, but they don’t win much.”

Blackhands tried to contain our flank, but he ended up in a bad spot and took a fall himself. I thought I was going to watch the bugger bleed out right there. I should have never left his side, but once the fight takes me I tend to lose sight of whats important.

After the goblins were turned into pulp, we chewed some fat. I met the 2 Shoanti in town, and let them know how I feel about them leaving the homeland unadvised, but to be honest, they seem like nice fellas. Especially that Garridan bloke, hell we share the same birth name!

I tried to steer everyone towards destroying the goblin tribe nearby. Come to find out, it was 3 or more tribes working together to attack the city. I was told they often don’t do that, so I wonder who or what’s bringin’ em together.

Scribed into the bottom of the page is a quick shopping list
*Better armor
*More chew
*A string to tie to that damn halfing

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Garridan’s Character Sheet

It was the best day ever
A day at the fair with new friends.

Hello exhibit A: how are you? No crime to report today instead we I went to the fair! The people in town celebrated the day the old church in town finally burnt down and so they got to build a new one. The day started like normal Miko tried her best to resist Malkorin’s charms this innocent dwarf who I’ve never met be fore’s charms. It’s too bad she doesn’t have a beard. She told him she shaves every morning but that’s not true because Mal gets up early to watch her.
The new cleric released a hundred gillion butterflies. No wait first there was a GIANT who ran in the races. He was even bigger than the sheriff or his brother. He was so big that when he ran the earth shook and people standing too close got knocked over! He won the race before I could even finish my beer! Oh did you know I can juggle! Also the pond in town is much colder in the morning I know I fell in twice it’s a lot harder to stand on a barrel when it’s in water Mal some heroic dwarf who should be forgiven of any aleged wrong doings came & rescued me from a watery grave he deserves a metal. Oh Who Kills Twice won that game too. That’s the giant man’s name we talked at the hammer & bell game. The hammer was so heavy but I made the ringer go even higher that WKT and he even brought his own hammer from home! Then Emrys, he’s a pathfinder came and knocked the bell off the game! It landed on the roof of one of the tents but it rolled off the back so I didn’t see where it went after that. We went back to Miko’s stand for the most refreshing drinks & freshest salmon on the coast expertly seasoned. Who kills Twice & Malkorin had a drinking contest and Mal paid for all the drinks honestly how could such a generous person ever be suspected of a crime? Then the new high cleric released a swarm of butterflies. They filled the sky & everyone ran around in a cloud of them. They weren’t afraid of people at all they would fly right in-between people talking to each other. The contest was still going on when I left so I didn’t get to see Mal win.
We gathered at the stage for more speeches but goblins showed up there a screwy bunch they tried to burn the town down again for the anniversary. I think one of them was singing anyway Malkorin Darkhammer rallied our new friends in the defense of the town and killed wave after wave of the goblin hordes who would have destroyed the whole town & ruined everything anyway so realy anything that might have been found on his person was just something he rescued from being destroyed & he should just get to keep it. The goblins just kept coming one of them fell into a well. Blackhands, ohyea Blackhands is WKT life journey companion he is a giant too but more human size & his hands are wrapped up because he burnt them jumping off a cliff I think he said he was trying to catch a hawk which I guess was on fire for some reason, they are a little odd. He got stabbed a bunch when he saved Mr. Foxglove after goblins killed his dog. Then a giant STRAY wolf appeared. He ate a goblin in one bite the other one took one look & fled in terror but he didn’t get far he was so scared of Rhombus that he ran right into Mal & WKT & got splatted! The goblins died so fast they didn’t even have time to drink any of their healing potions; we used one to save Blackhands. The mysterious STRAY wolf who helped save the town disappeared. We found 20 golds a bunch ’a junk goblin swords hah one of em we had to fish out of the well that water is going to stink for a while. The goblins had different patches & WKT said that meant they were different clans that all decided to work together. Mal said one of the swords was actually worth something. The rest weren’t good for nothin but utensils at the White Deer. I wasn’t gonna go near that flee ridden shack of an inn. I had some of the salmon & ale that was left behind at the Rusty Dragons’ stall at the fair the goblins sent everyone running so fast the just left it there. We cleaned up the dishes & grabbed the tip jar & went back to the RD. I guess the goblins never heard of her because they attacked the bar & there was a pile of em out side. They talked about Emrys’ missing brother he’s a pathfinder too but he found something in some ruins near town that fried his eggs & he killed a bunch of his friends & ran off Emrys wanted to find people to help him look for him. Miko liked the stories they told so they got half off free rooms for the night. Well it’s getting late tomorrow were gonna go see the sheriff maybe find out what happened. I can’t wait for tommorow
A day with friends


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