Rise of the Runelords


If I get knocked out again by shit I can’t see, hit, or fuck, I am going to punch Tolkien Until he is unconscious, because chances are, he is responsible. I can taste the blood in my mouth. Black Hands asks me if I’m alright, though the sound is dim and distant, like he is far away, his words slowed down and slurred.

“I’m fine”. I mumble back. My ears are ringing and i’m seeing spots. You might think that’s stupid, but I got a reputation to maintain.

So Foxglove, what is he? Is he Lich? He looks pretty chipper for an undead monstrosity That doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe the letter was just a ruse, an olive branch extended to us draw us into their web. But then why the murders and why the 7 pointed star, that we saw in Thistletop. Is he just playing with us, throwing up random barriers to entertain himself? They think I was the masters favorite, those ghouls. He wants me to be part of the team. Maybe all of us. I think Foxglove is a servant to something else, a scout maybe … a scout to find and befriend us, learn our weaknesses. Get close to us.

Some of this stuff here though … it reminds of bad memories of people he has hurt. He will have much to answer for. I wonder if he created these ’haunt’s’ or if he trapped the essence of these things to defend him. Or if someone or something is trying to tell us a story …. by knocking burning, strangling, and possessing us.

I have a half a mind to burn this place to the ground. In fact, I would have done that already if we had a guarantee of success. So i guess we do this the old fashioned way, foot by bloody foot. I can’t wait to hang him from meat hooks as I peel the skin from his face with a hot knife.
Session 7 - And your little dire wolf too!

So much to think about…so much to figure out….these are not my strong points.

We celebrated in traditional Shoanti manner. Drinking, fighting, story telling, more fighting. With the exception of Blackhands, my companions didn’t seem to understand at first, but after a few drinks they joined in on all the fun. These good times didn’t last long though.

Sheriff Belor called for us the next morning. We thought we were done here. That we would all part ways and have a great memory to look back on. That’s one thing I’ve learned as an adult leaving my homeland…there’s no sense in making plans. Fate always has a better idea than you do.

We found ourselves investigating a murder. Getting us involved was the last ditch effort of a panicked lawman/ex-tribesman who couldn’t find any answers. It was a gruesome sight. Even with all this killing that we’ve been doing, it’s always off-putting to see innocent people getting carved up and strung up.

That sign…that sign that was carved in his back was the same that we saw under the glassworks…
in thistle top….
on the lock before we set whatever that man was free…

I think we did this… We set him free and now this is going on. There aren’t any coincidences here… I don’t dare say that out loud though. These people look at us like heroes. Who are we to take that away from them?

We missed all the markings, and all the markings point to ‘The Misgivings’. I hope Foxglove isn’t part of this, I genuinely liked him. Taking me on a hunt in a land I didn’t understand was a gesture of kindness I hoped to return one day. However, if he’s mixed up in this, then I’ll put em down without a second thought.

Session 6 - This isn't Sandpoint anymore

The taste of blood never sat well with me. The taste itself isn’t the issue, tastes a bit like metal. It’s just the idea of someones life-force entering your body. Some tribes drink it to steal their enemies powers…well I’ll tell you what, they can keep it and I’m plenty strong without it. This place, thistle top, had no shortage of the thick liquid flowing through the air. Most of it seeming to land directly down my throat.

It wasn’t hard work to finish laying waste to this place. I feel as though we did something wrong however.

After killing a few more goblins and a giant crab wearing an oh-so-shiney helmet, we figured out how to get to where the goblins and their leaders were trying to find. They were distracted by a giant pile of gold, but we quickly….ok everyone else figured out that it was a diversion and an entry way to a long-forgotten prison.

We had a fight with a big ol’ creature. And he gave us a run for our money. Our meddle was tested, and we passed…but something escaped.

At this point, I feel we should have taken a step back and gone to town for answers. With words like ‘anicent’, and ‘evil’ being thrown around, one tends to forget the word ‘imprisoned’.

With the creature breathing his last breaths, we took the time to figure out a fancy lock. The wall opened up and a man was standing on the other side. He smiled confidently and with a flick of his fingers he disappeared….

What did we unleash on this already troubled world?

Sin-g A-song

As with the last is it with the ending of lives that our new story does begin
Each victim slaughtered chosen for their sin.
After a cruel death a familiar mark carved into their skin
And to the walls their remains their killer did pin.

First were the men most known for their greed.
The only survivor watched his friends bleed
Driven mad by a bite & the horrible deed.
It was not till the second that the sheriff took heed.

Love was there secret to only one friend they did trust
but to their slayers eyes it was nothing but lust.
Banny fought back with an axe dulled by rust
To no avail the young couple was left to rot in the sawdust.

An offer to Malkorin was left at each scene.
A message within a message to join the pack if he was so keen.
But the identity of the killer they were unable to glean
With each new clue the assailant did mock Preen.

The asylum was there next destination of choice.
The creature within riddled further in it strangled voice.
After transforming into a aghast the once man was poised
Who Kills Twice ended his unlife there was not much choice.

With all there ends deadened they returned to the Dragon to take rest.
The Halfling as always kept Amiko Abreast.
Mal’s stalker was annoyed they were failing his test.
With his dark gift the farmers on the outskirts were blessed.

They sought out the aid of a famous local scholar.
They found him alright but he was living in Squalor
So high were his books stacked next to Rhombus they were taller.
A single misstep and they were his mauler.

They tossed aside heavy embossed tomes.
Hoping to find him without too many broken bones
His rescue was rewarded with unlimited free loans
He would also provide research checking every book he owns.

Knowledge of the farmers peril the party was no longer deprived
But it was far too late for them by the time out heroes arrived
As monstrous scarecrows the once living were disguised
Another note was left for them in case they survived.

Please come to my dungeon Malkorin my dove.
The Misgivings Manor is the entrance above.
It might as well been Signed with hearts & much love
Your humble future lord & master Sir Aldern Foxglove.

Everybody dies alone

What a great time we had tonight. First we went bar hopping I wasn’t sure why at first, but I never saw WKT look so happier then when that first guy took a swing at him. It didn’t dawn on me till he was halfway through his second table of challengers. He knows Miko doesn’t stand for any roughhousing in her fine establishment. Mal gave him some pointers between gulps & he was able to fight off the ruffians who attacked him first at no point did he or anyone of our companions sabotage the wine rack, loosen all the cabinet handles or set varmints loose in the kitchen of any of the Rusty Dragons competitors. No wait first we dropped of Emyrs at the church Father Xan said he would figure out his last wishes o… HEY WKT taught us a funny song last night!
“I feel the animals is rising.
And it slowly grows cows eyes.
So everybody starts to moo now,
I wanna see you all give hay.
I wanna share this feast all parts tonight;
and have you thank me for my sage.
Tell me what you came for,
Can I give you all a taste?
I wanna see you choose who fuckin dines;
and rip this place appart.
As I step up to my throne,
I feel the monster caged inside of me,
screaming through moo tones”
Those Que-she are realy big animal fans.
We got a big hero’s welcome back at the Rusty Dragon. I don’t realy remember much else I think I may have learned to teleport! Remember I fell off the roof at some point and woke up in bed!
..So the Sherrif just called us to a murder at the saw mill. It was Ban Harper & Kitty Vinder, that’s Ven’s other daughter she was nice, I’m glad she didn’t have to die alone. It’s kinda funny she was named Kat but her sister was the one who liked to hunt rats. I didn’t even know they were dating, anyway she got cut in half by a saw & he was all scrathed up & left stuck to the wall with that seven pointed star carved into his back. I think it was that guy we has nothing to do with Thistle Top. There was this note that didn’t say anything. It was just a blank piece of paper that was trying to frame Mal & you shouldn’t listen to a thing it says! There were also muddy tracks that lead into the river so we couldn’t follow them any further. But there were also people tracks. Hemlock wants us to go check out an abandoned farm outside of town tomorrow some shady guys got killed there a few days ago & they were stuck to the wall too, but one of em got away so we also get to go to the loony bin to meet him.
can hardly sleep!

Zerrajin 6

Once again has the sheriff of Sandpoint taken us in confidence of horrific events which as usual I feel wholly inadequate in the face of. There are simply not enough hours in a given day to even learn a fraction of the thing’s I would consider necessary to being a useful member of this group, aside from healing magic, which can be replicated by drinking a potion. Thousands of years worth of plots and betrayals, triumphs and tragedies of which we play the briefest of parts in and yet it is just one place in a thousand on this land. I feel the strongest bonds shared by our small fellowship may be that each of us feel like lost spirits in our own way being carried on currents we barely glimpse at best, each one trying to make sense of the state of things in a way that allows for the contented continuance of our existence. I have gotten as far as I have by having answers, though not always the right answers, to certain questions encountered. I have not yet seen (or perhaps do not wish to) the answers to the vision which drove me from home and ever directly in the path of any malevolent intentions, in hopes of encountering the correct puzzle pieces and perhaps I already have.

I don't want to get out of bed, it's fucking cold outside.

Ain’t been sleeping well.

Something is still bothering me. There is just to many unanswered questions, and ain’t nearly enough time to calculate them all. Now with these murders, my name on a bloody note, and crazy cultists thinking i’m some kind of favored minion to something nasty ….

Prevailing theory is my hands were on the key, and so whatever it is out there is seeking out its sacrifices, the ones Nualla promised. This thing is getting it’s blood. But, It’s a pretty thin gruel. Still, guess its better than a ravening goblin horde. But I don’t like my name being attached to this crap. Bad for Business.

So he called it the ‘Misgiving’ i think. That crazy guy in the asylum. Sounds like a gathering of like minded ghouls and other assorted dark artsy types that like to cut themselves. How am I favored? what the fuck Could these assholes want with me?

Once daybreak hits, i’m gonna go take a trip. Some scholar in the north, apparently knows the regions ancient history. 10,000 years ago, in this very spot, there was some bad things going on. I’ve developed a sudden interest in these things.

Other than having people get horrifically murdered for no reason, I’ve become a bit of a bookworm recently. I learned Infernal and a passing amount of Elvish. I wonder what my family would think of the prodigal black sheep speaking 6 languages fluently. Also been reading about Alchemy. It’s interesting stuff, I’d love to be the guy who figued out how to make Lead out of Gold, and i’m seriously considering investing a bit a time into it… once this murder and mystery shit is done with of course.

This is a fertile land & we will thrive. We will rule over all this land.
The strangest thing happened today, it was right after we found Nuala Tobin under Thistletop. She was looking particularly demony. She had this big red claw hand and the hell hound but I didn’t get to see much more because that thing happened. It’s hard to describe but it… wasn’t fun or interesting being there anymore, I just wanted to leave. It was strange because we had such a great time getting there well except for Emrys, he got his head cut off by a cat. A lot of stuff happened since the last time. Let’s see after we got out of the thistles we found the top bridge. On the other side was a big house, a bunch ’a goblins playing outside with a seagull. We got more help from that mysterious giant wolf. He snuck up on em chomp chomp. We went inside & met King Ripnugget. He was riding this big lizard so I though he was smart but then he tried to trick Mal. He told him he wanted to talk then charged at him as a bunch more goblins poured out of the other rooms. You should have seen how close Mal let him come to hitting him before he danced out of the way. We overthrew Ripnugget and that’s how I became the new King of Thistletop. We found their kitchen next. I guess goblin diets is mostly Pickles & people parts. Anyway we were so happy to find that there was a basement which is always the best part of a building & this one didn’t disappoint! First we ran in to Bruthazamist well ran him over is more like. He went straight for Emrys’ pointy ears but found Mal pointy swords instead; he didn’t even get a shot in. Neither did the next three we ran into, we caught them in there beds. We’ll kill every last one of those ugly green kuntz. Did you know that people taste things differently, even if they are best friends? It was so tasty when we ate together but. Well any way next we met a guy named Orek he had a shield taller then Mal! He said he just got hired by Nuala & didn’t realize how crazy everyone here was. He promised to stop by Sandpoint on his way home & let them know what was happening. Then we fought 2 demonic dogs. Mal’s been teaching WKT how to fight better but he still doesn’t quite get it yet. He kept trying to hide to get a surprise attack but the fight had already started & one of them definitely knew he were there. The other one had a face full of Rhombus! So we didn’t see anyone else around & started looking for treasure. Oh not hero treasure, regular stuff like magik things. That’s how we found her. She was invisible but she had a bunch ‘a magical stuff on her & Mal & me, we don’t leave treasure behind! It was so funny I sensed her stuff just floating there, objects in space. Then she appeared & set me on fire she was a wizard. She looked like she wanted to run then someone said something about Tsuto then she went all crazy eye & shattered WKT’s hammer. Then Emrys set her on fire & she got stabbed a bunch. There was a secret door behind the shelves & guess what DOUBLE BASEMENT! Oh that’s right we forgot rule number 1 when fighting wizards never forget about the familiar. It streaked right out of the shadows then it ran right over my shoe then jumped in the air& cut Emrys’ head off in one swipe. It was so fast no one was able to catch it. We gathered up his stuff & headed down. There were traps but Mal took care of them. It’s realy funny watching WKT swing that little sword like a hammer he looks so embarrassed every time he takes it out.

We found Nuala & that strange thing happened. The next room had all this illusionary gold and Big Gugmuck was there, the last of the goblin heroes who lasted a little longer than the hobgoblin. Then there were the ghosts you couldn’t even hit them without majik. They drained WKT & Mal’s strength. Then there was this secret door with a giant crab that was using an even bigger golden helmet as a shell. In the water was a necklace that uhh disappeared. So then we figured out the trick to the coin wall & found a room with thick dusty floors & a ghost of another former king. He seemed realy worried about some guy named Alazanist he was involved in whatever ruined the kingdom. Then there was the torture stuff room. Were we found a seven pointed star key. Which opened a 10,000 year old door inside was Malfeshnakor who looked like a big eared talking monkey on all fours. With his strength drained WKT was having a rough fight even with Blackhands nearly killing himself trying to keep him healed. WKT wasn’t able to properly back up Mal & he used charm majiks on …someone. -Well after that we found another key that w….. I went back & buried Emrys- We decided to take an uneventful nap.

Zerrajin 5

Evil has been banished from Sandpoint, for now anyway. The raid on Thistletop was greatly successful, in spite of the loss of our newly met friend Emerys. So stunned was I by his terrible demise that I didn’t truly process it until later, after our final battle with Metheznakor. I feel as though he knew more about what was happening around us than he let on, there was something about his aloofness towards the things we were seeing and learning, almost measured, deliberate. That familiar seemed a bit too familiar, if one pardons the pun, with him specifically, though perhaps I am reading too much into the natural chaos which carries us all towards our destinies, be it glory or oblivion. In any event it does not seem right to commit his body to this foul blood stained ground. If I find the time, I must do a bit of reading that I might be able to put relevant pieces to future puzzles into their proper place as relating to the Planes and our own Pantheon which I generally neglect in spite of my spiritual inclinations. The idea of Gods behaving like men, or worse has always struck me as silly and contradictory, but clearly a greater understanding of the mythology that motivates the followers of specific deities will be necessary.

Deamon Steak with a side of Herotatoes

I might fight myself too much. Havin a hard time keeping the eye on the prize at the times. It is pretty clear that we are monkeys pulling levers though. I’m not sure how to take our most recent escapade, and what it all means for our plucky hero’s.

Mathesnicore is dead, but at this point i’m not really sure that this is a good thing. He wasn’t trapped there, or rather he was, but he was trapped to guard something, something that we decided to release because we didn’t want to leave any potential shinnies behind. I think we would be wise to leave that info out. Mayors are practical people anyways. They could care less about Ancient history. Is their town safe? Are these people gonna vote for me? Will they pay their taxes? She is probably not interested in the finer points of ten thousand year old lore, or the nuance of demonic binding rituals. We don’t need to lie, but we need to cut to the chase. We report to the powers that be the results of our trouble-making. We saved the town from goblins? What does it matter that we forever released some lich, ghost, knight thing that was probably imprisoned there for 10,000 years or more.

What if, what if Mathesnicore was a dog on a leash, acting as a key or a gate keeper on something even more dangerous, perhaps not to us, but at the very least dangerous to who ever sealed him there. He was hidden behind the coin door …. well the coin door might trick goblins, but i’m pretty sure Nualla knew what was behind there. She didn’t open it. She was … waiting for something. She needed a sacrifice, which is why she needed the goblins. Well she didn’t need them, but they already worshiped what she was looking for, so they made convenient fodder. So was the sacrifice to Mathesnicore, or was the sacrifice what she needed to get Mathesnicore to stand aside?

I’ve developed a sudden interest in history. I feel like maybe the door hasn’t been closed on this.

Back to more mundane matters, First, we got some crap to sell. Like Giant golden crab helmets. We basically slaughtered one of natures creatures because it was wearing alot of Shiney, and i’m ok with that, but we should probably keep that little detail to ourselves. The crab people might get upset. I might use some of that gold and commission a painting of us bringing that back on Rhombus’s back. That would be a laugh. Hell we should make a little house out of it and Tolken can ride around wearing his Goblin Crown.

Then we hafta find a fence for all this stuff. The gold is starting to get heavy, and I should really look into getting connected to some kind of black market. Might be able to get better rates on the goods too. Personally, I think that Sand-point is getting a bit small for us, and unless something with money attached to it falls in my lap, I will be lobbying heavily for the crew to move on down to Magnammar. Now that we got some seed capital, we might be able to start really pulling in the cash. In fact, there seems to be a hole in the glass-works market recently. It wouldn’t take much to hire some of the surviving workers, steal the stuff from the works, use the gold and my good will in town to secure some land on the town’s outskirts, and then jack up the rates on the product cuz no one is making it.

Also there is the Tsudo question. I don’t want him sneaking off to Magnamar and then stabbing us in the back later. I did speak to the Mayor and informed her that he needs to be tried here. She is under no obligation to listen to me. I also broke my word to him that we would help him get there, because I will argue against it, publicly. The Barbarians won’t like that, but i’m from the school of thought where talk is cheap, only actions matter. Beardless Fucks like Tsudo don’t get to use the words of Honorable men against them. That is a privilege reserved for those who have Honor. He gets a boulder tied to his legs and a swift kick in the ass into 50 feet of water. As far as I am concerned an oath to a liar is no oath at all. I wish I had my connections up here. It would be child’s play to poisen his food. Maybe the wife of that poor dead sop would like a chance for revenge, bake up some cookies with a quarter pound of ground glass in them. I might not have the time to handle this the way I want, but if we don’t kill him, then we need to demonstrate, in the most brutal fashion possible, that we are not the kind of people to be fucking with.

Last point, Before I leave, I need to grab a Souvenir in case we ever meet Foxglove again. I think the key to this pointed Star would look nice as a mantle piece. I’ll spend some gold on it too. He’d cream himself. He is a bit of dizzy fool, but it would cost me almost nothing, and win me another contact in the big city. I’m sure someday i’ll need a loan, and a bored noble with disposable income would be useful. In fact, there is probably a huge hole in the glass-works market. I wonder how much it would cost to get a small shop started. Don’t know shit about glass, but fuck it, you can pay people for that.

Just you assholes watch. Malkorin will be back in business in no time.


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