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Nualia and Melfeshnekor are dead, the goblins are leaderless, and the imminent danger to sandpoint has come to an end. It was not without cost though, as one of their own, the Sorcerer Emerys was slain by the claws of the tomcat familiar Skivvers.

Now the heroes must ponder what brought on such madness to Sandpoint, and who was that who they released in the depth of Thistletop? Is he friend or foe? Find out more, as chapter one of Rise of the Runelords concludes.

Level 3: 6841/9000
Session 6 Breakdown
IG Rewards – Battles: 1087; Traps: 84.5 XP; Story Rewards: 0 XP
OOG Rewards – Roleplay – 56.5 XP; Contribution: 56.5 XP; Journals: 28 XP

Rise of the Runelords

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