Rise of the Runelords

Big damn heros, aint we just.

The glass works has everything! I never knew basements were so interesting. They have this big round room. Inside there was a dead bird full of worms & a book for some evil god & a silver dagger & a bottle of something. It was all just floating in there it was so much fun. You can jump, spin, & roll in every direction! I asked Miko if we could stay there so we wouldn’t be taking up a room at the inn now that we saved the world.. or at least the town, yea there was this temple in there too with this flying demon. She was summoning all those open face guys & spiders. WKT got bit, he was already sick from when that puddle monster kissed him, Oh right there was a buncha other rooms that we had to go through first. They had angry statues & zombie pits & a tasty 3 armed goblin. I don’t remember much about the fight with the puddle monster except it was really loud. It was making out with WKT till Mal killed it. But it had some kinda STD mouth so he was still sick from that when he was fightin the demon. It was great, Rhombus jumped so high it looked like he was in that floating room again. Oh imagine if the temple was a floating room too!

I’m back, where was I oh right, the flying demon was tough, arrows & stuff hardly hurt her at all. Emrys used his rainbow majiks just as Mal was going in for the kill. She was so scared of him she wasn’t looking at the spell & hardly noticed at all, but Mal’s combat awareness worked against him and he caught it full in the face. She knew her only chance was to take him out in this moment of weakness rainbowedness even then she didn’t have what it takes! We got our hero treasure, which is what adventures call monster heads if you didn’t know. We met with Mayor Deverin she had a goblin expert who told us all about the goblin tribes in the area. She gave us some of their names… KORVIUS that was his name the one with the arms & majik sword. We took it to the meeting with Tsuto, the hero treasure I mean, well we took the sword too, but we didn’t show him. After we brought Miko back to the Rusty Dragon to rest & make lunch. Anyways we made a deal with Tsuto were he gets to go home to Magnamar for his trial & he tells us how to save the everyone or at least mostly everyone again. Maybe when save the town again… did I already tell you the town is surrounded by thousands of goblins? well it is. Tomorrow WKT is going back to the church to get cured then were headed for Thistle Top, that’s a goblin town. Nuala Tobin that’s the angel-demon priests daughter who is not dead yet, I wonder who they buried then. The RD is still closet goblin free. I’m going to sleep out here in case Tsuto escapes. I don’t want Miko to run off again without us, I wonder if there is a basement here…



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