Rise of the Runelords


So here we are, I guess this is a thistle part of Thistletop cuz I got to tell you the little buggers are everywhere I even found some in Blackhands pouches & those things are locked up tight! I have to say though it’s refreshing to be someplace where everything is the right size. You know for goblins they did a nice job with the place. They dug a pit so deep even WKT wont, jump down. We threw light spells down there but couldn’t see what was at the bottom. Maybe well go down there on the way back! They also they built a watch post it’s funny cuz they had this great spot to look out but nothing to signal anyone with if they spotted something haha they probably saw us coming & couldn’t do anything about it. Anyway from the lookout we got to see the top part were the people use to live. Tsuto says Nuala was hiding some were in here probably in the big mansion. Oh he isn’t with us; he’s still in prison we talked to him before we left. We’re gonna bring him back to Magnamar after we get back so that rich little bastard can just buy his way out of trouble. Mal’s awake! He’s groaning a lot when he moves, probably because he caught an earthquake yesterday. There were a bunch of goblins in here, we killed most of em real easy even the ones riding those big rat things, but there was one that was throwing fireballs & earthquakes they hurt a lot. Emrys use a fire orb scroll & chased him down the hallway with it. WKT & Blackhands followed but it was a trick. He covered them in vines then he dove into the thistles & then jumped out right next to Emrys ready to cast another spell that probably would have killed everyone, but Mal figured out his plan & was waiting for him. He leaped on him & caught that spell it was realy powerful and Mal got knocked down. The goblin tried to kill Mal while he was temporarily stunned, but he bought everyone else enough time to get back & we were able to defeat him. I’ve been trying to figure out how Blackhands works his healing majik I think I’m close. I’m gonna sum I have a friend who will help me figure it out. I’m going to go find him then we’re off again!



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