Rise of the Runelords


If I get knocked out again by shit I can’t see, hit, or fuck, I am going to punch Tolkien Until he is unconscious, because chances are, he is responsible. I can taste the blood in my mouth. Black Hands asks me if I’m alright, though the sound is dim and distant, like he is far away, his words slowed down and slurred.

“I’m fine”. I mumble back. My ears are ringing and i’m seeing spots. You might think that’s stupid, but I got a reputation to maintain.

So Foxglove, what is he? Is he Lich? He looks pretty chipper for an undead monstrosity That doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe the letter was just a ruse, an olive branch extended to us draw us into their web. But then why the murders and why the 7 pointed star, that we saw in Thistletop. Is he just playing with us, throwing up random barriers to entertain himself? They think I was the masters favorite, those ghouls. He wants me to be part of the team. Maybe all of us. I think Foxglove is a servant to something else, a scout maybe … a scout to find and befriend us, learn our weaknesses. Get close to us.

Some of this stuff here though … it reminds of bad memories of people he has hurt. He will have much to answer for. I wonder if he created these ’haunt’s’ or if he trapped the essence of these things to defend him. Or if someone or something is trying to tell us a story …. by knocking burning, strangling, and possessing us.

I have a half a mind to burn this place to the ground. In fact, I would have done that already if we had a guarantee of success. So i guess we do this the old fashioned way, foot by bloody foot. I can’t wait to hang him from meat hooks as I peel the skin from his face with a hot knife.



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